What The Heck Happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 25, 2009

Needless to say, my journey back has been sidetracked and sidelined for some time. Note to self, life happens and so does age. Never thought I would be one to play the age card but it has happened. Strange how the mind never forgets how to do things. The body……….that’s another matter all together. Been sidetracked by work for far too long. Now that furloughs have hit the teaching ranks here in Hawaii, I thought I would have a little extra time to get some riding in that has eluded me for some time. Guess again smart guy! Age has a way of reminding you of reality. Played football with my students during lunch and came away with some aches and pains that have yet to go away. A month down the road and no riding, no soccer, no fun. Finally went in to see a sports trainer after several massages and shiatsu treatments that did not help. Well, it seems to be muscular in nature but could be an alignment problem as well. What the heck happened to my youth! I used to be able to bounce back from most anything. As I stated above, the mind remembers what to do but the body sure complains a lot. They say even Lance does not train at the volume that he used to several years ago. Don’t know why I should be able to. Hard to acknowledge my age and all that goes with it. Damn!! Just have to accept and move on. Time will tell. All for now. I’m getting depressed trying to get my mind around my words.


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